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A small, focused, dedicated bunch of people who love doing big things.

Headcrafts was born to be the place where an otherwise sparse group of networking professionals, software developers and designers could meet and collaborate on projects in their own fields while, at the same time, being kept in the loop when it comes to the evolutions happening in closely or not so (yet?) closely related areas.

Networks are expanding, new protocols are being designed and applications are bringing intelligence and connectivity everywhere around us. This world of amazing possibilities and subtle pitfalls has been our natural environment for years and our passion is not over. We keep on making things and we want our things to be simple, elegant and beautiful.

And yes, that's what love means, up there.

What we do

For years now, we have been designing networks for telecoms, banks, broadcasting and transportation companies and our software is being used by small shops and big pharma and anything in between. We designed and ran server farms and data centers, while systems integrated and disintegrated and we have seen virtualization be the good and the bad and the good thing again.

But, mostly, we have developed patterns and methods, experience if you like, and we are ready to share what we know to help our customers get where they want.

We tend to build our teams on a per-project basis, choosing among our collaborators those who better fit the job. Although network design/automation and system integration are our areas of specialty, we prefer our engineers to maintain a horizontal approach to technical problems and be ready to work in very different environments, with emphasis on business drivers and mid-/long-term effects.

If you are curious about what we have been doing lately, check out our activities page and if you feel we could help, drop us a line or call us and we will be happy to talk about your ideas.