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Most of us have been directly involved in the birth of what is now called the Internet and we know the importance that open standards, freedom of expression and privacy have played to shape the cyberspace as we know it now.

That is why we take your privacy (and ours) very seriously and strive to protect any sensible information you are willing to share with us while, at the same time, limiting as much as possible the collection of any data not strictly necessary for the correct behaviour of this site.

Needless to say, we will never trade, sell or transfer any information regarding our customers or the visitors of this site. With zero exceptions.

Data Responsibility

Headcrafts SRLS is the sole responsible for storing, accessing and protecting any sensible data collected during the use of this site. This includes names, addresses, phone numbers or any other personal piece of information that may be used to uniquely identify the visitors of this site.

Data Storage

Data collected during the use of this site are stored on devices solely controlled by our personnel. This applies also to those cases where we do not own the device, as in the case of services on shared infrastructures (like many cloud services).

In any occasion, we do our best to keep the data safe and not accessible by any third party by dutifully applying the latest industry best practices. When appropriate, such as when sending or storing data on shared media we do not control, we encrypt such data to avoid eavesdropping or any unauthorized access.

Data Types

Any data collected during the normal functioning of this site — including logging of IP addresses and protocols, domain names, time of day, type of request and so on — unless otherwise explicitly stated are stored for a limited time and never used to violate the anonimity of our visitors and customers. Information collected can and will be used, on the other hand, to track any fraudolent and/or illegal attempt to use the services provided on this site.

What stated above applies to cookies. Unless otherwise stated, we only use so-called anonymous technical cookies in order to permit the correct functioning of this site and we do not use any profiling (read marketing profiling) technique on our visitors' collected data.

When personal data are necessary for the purpose of the specific actions to be executed, such as when visitors send us email addresses, phone numbers or send other requests containing sensitive information, we make it very clear to end-users the sensitive nature of such communication. In the absence of this implicit acceptance or of any explicit declaration by us, visitors can safely assume there is no sharing of personal data.

Users Rights

Users of this site can obtain details about their sensitive and/or personal information we may have stored, including contents and sources, and can request the permanent cancellation of such data by using any method listed in our contacts page.